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Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) might just be your key to better health! Simply put, MTM is having regular meetings with your pharmacist for the purpose of reviewing all medications you are taking whether prescribed, herbal, over the counter and other. The pharmacist will learn about what you are taking, how you take it, what side effects you have, and will give recommendations on what might be done in order to improve your conditions.


There is no better person to review your medications and give advice on how to improve your health than your pharmacist. The pharmacist you will meet with is, after all, a doctor of pharmacy having had extensive training in medicines of all types with a thorough understanding of how they interact in your body. Your pharmacist will work closely with your doctor(s) and others providing care for you ensuring you have a team of providers all with your best interest in mind.

The results patients have seen by having regular MTM meetings with their pharmacists are outstanding. MTM has proven to help people stay in their homes longer, reduce the total number of medicines a patient is taking, improve patients’ overall health condition, decrease hospitalization, decrease medication and health care costs, and on it goes. To learn more about what MTM can do, visit what has happened in Asheville, North Carolina at www.theashevilleproject.net.

You are a perfect candidate to get the outstanding results from MTM if you are on multiple medications and suffer with one or more diseases.

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