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Blood Pressure Tracking at Sterling

Track your blood pressure history or by printing a RECEIPT at the machine when you use your Smart Card.

Blood Pressure Tracker

Smart Card; The easy-to-use tool to help track your blood pressure.

For just $5, your Smart Card gets you online access to an infinite number of readings or a receipt style printout of your last 10 readings right from the machine.

Use your Smart Card at any of our FREE
blood pressure kiosks for:

  • Personalized Reports
  • Information History
  • Online Tracking

Manage your blood pressure with your Smart Card. You can even share your blood pressure history with your Pharmacist or Health Professional.

Testing regularly is key.
Blood pressure readings can vary significantly from minute to minute. The chart below graphically illustrates an example of just how much blood pressure may fluctuate over the course of a single day.

This person’s average blood pressure is 144/87, but the systolic varied from 118 to 184, and the diastolic ranged from 70 to 120. Many factors affect blood pressure, and these types of fluctuations can be expected. For a good indication of your blood pressure, take the average of multiple readings over a period of days.

Sterling Blood Pressure Machine Important: Please Read Completely Before Use
  • Jackets and sweaters should be removed; shirts sleeves rolled down.
  • Follow all directions on front panel.
  • Insert arm into cuff. Your forearm should rest on the table and the cuff should always close above the elbow.
  • Please sit still and do not talk during the test.
  • Your blood pressure and pulse rate reading(s) will appear on the color monitor and on the printed ticket.
Facts you should know about your blood pressure
  • Your blood pressure constantly fluctuates.
  • Factors that affect your blood pressure include diet, medication, physical activity, and stress level (anxiety, excitement, etc.)
  • The best measurement of your blood pressure is an average of several readings over several days.
  • If you are concerned about your blood pressure readings, please see your physician without delay.
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